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Characteristics of water-filled submersible electric pump
- Jul 25, 2017 -

(1) Water-filled submersible pump structure is simple, fixed rotor winding and core directly immersed in water, good cooling effect, large output power, high efficiency.

(2) because water-filled submersible pump internal cavity is filled with more water, the use of the process of leakage produced by the installation of water quality will not be polluted.

(3) The stator winding of water-filled submersible pump, core and bearings are working in the water, the stator windings used in the wire and its processing technology, joint materials and bandaging technology, water lubricated bearing structure, materials and processing technology, iron core and metal materials, such as anti-rust anti-corrosion treatment has a high demand.

(4) Water-filled submersible pump has enough reliability and is the most widely used one in submersible asynchronous motor for well.