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Do you want to know what are the characteristics of submersible sand pump?
- Feb 25, 2018 -

Submersible sediment pump mainly by the pump head, motor, combined seal three major components, its main features are as follows:

1, The whole machine is a dry motor pump structure. The motor adopts mechanical seal protection, which can effectively prevent high-pressure water and impurities from entering the motor cavity.

2, In addition to the main impeller, but also with stirring impeller, the sediment can be precipitated in the bottom of the slag stirred into a turbulent flow out.

3, Impeller, mixing impeller and other major flow components manufactured using high wear-resistant material, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-blocking, sewage capacity, can effectively pass larger solid particles.

4, No suction limit, slag high efficiency, more complete dredging.

5,Without the auxiliary vacuum pump, the investment is cheaper.

6, No need to be equipped with auxiliary stirring or squirting device, the operation is more convenient.

7, The motor submerged underwater, without the need to build complex ground protection and fixtures, governance easier.

8, Stirring impeller direct contact with the deposition surface, the depth of concentration control by dive, so the concentration control more freely.

9, Equipment directly into the underwater work, no noise and vibration, the scene is more clean.

10, Pump rotation direction from the drive side, clockwise rotation.