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How to choose submersible pumps and submersible sewage pump
- Jul 25, 2017 -

The drainage pump used in the building has the submersible sewage pump, the liquid-type no blockage blowdown pump, the vertical sewage pump and the horizontal sewage pump and so on. Because the general site of the building is small, the displacement is not large, drainage pump can be preferential use of submersible sewage pump and liquid-type no plug sewage pump, in which the liquid sewage pump is generally used in important places; vertical sewage pump and horizontal sewage pump are required to set the base of isolation, self-priming suction water, and occupy a certain site, so less use in the building.

Discharge pump flow should be based on the life of drainage design second flow selection; when there is a displacement adjustment, the maximum hourly flow can be selected. Fire-fighting elevator set water pump flow is not less than 10l/s. The head of the drain pump is determined by the height of lifting and the calculation of the pipeline loss, and then the free water is added. The free head should adopt 0.02~0.03MPa.

Drain pump suction pipe and outlet flow rate should not be less than 0.7m/s, and should not be greater than 2.0m/s. In public buildings, a standby pump should be set up for each draining water pool in order to operate interactively. Basement, equipment room, garage flushing the ground drainage, if there are two units and more than two pumps pump equipment. When the pool is unable to set the accident drainage pipe, the pump should have uninterrupted power supply, when the drainage pipe can be closed, the power supply can be provided, but the alarm device should be set up. When raising the pollution and waste water with the larger impurities, the submersible sewage pump outlet pipe in different catchments should not be combined and discharged; when the general wastewater is upgraded, it can be considered that the water outlet pipe of the submersible sewage pump with different catchment is discharged according to the actual situation. When two or more pumps share a pipe outlet, the valve and check valve shall be installed on each pump outlet pipe.