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How to deal with diaphragm pump common fault?
- Jan 07, 2018 -

1, diaphragm pump failure causes and treatment methods

a, discharge valve discharge; repair or replacement of feed valve

b, diaphragm damage; replace the diaphragm

c, speed is too slow, adjust the failure; maintenance control device, adjust the speed.

2, diaphragm pump pressure or increase the cause of the failure and treatment

a, pneumatic diaphragm pump pressure regulator improper adjustment; adjust the pressure valve to the desired pressure;

b, pressure regulator failure; overhaul pressure adjustment wide;

c, pressure gauge spirit; repair or replacement pressure gauge.

3, diaphragm pump pressure drop causes and treatment methods

a, fill the valve insufficient oil; repair valve;

b, insufficient feed or feed valve leakage; overhaul feed and feed valve;

c, plunger seal oil leakage; overhaul sealing part;

d, storage tank oil level is too low; add new oil;

e, pump body leakage or diaphragm damage; check the replacement gasket or diaphragm.

4, diaphragm pump oil failure causes and treatment methods

a, gaskets, seals damaged or too loose; adjust or replace the gaskets, seals.