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installation of submersible pumps for wells
- Jul 25, 2017 -

(1) Machine pump to remove the filter water network, and then open the injection and release hole bolts into the motor cavity filled with clean water, must ensure that filling, prevent false full. And check whether the various parts of the motor leakage. found that water leakage according to the location should be adjusted to tighten the rubber cushion bolts.

(2) Carefully check the cable and connectors have no scratches or damage, found the problem in time to bag hole.

(3) The insulation resistance of the resistance is not less than 150 trillion euro by using the 500 kv meter.

(4) Install the protective switch and starting equipment, and check whether the internal water is filled, tighten injection, release hole bolts, and then a good guard panels, filter network ready to install the next well.

(5) in the pump outlet to install a short water pipe section, and splint clamp hanging up into the well, so that the splint is located in the rig.

(6) Use one pay splint to clamp another water conveyance, then hoist the lower and the short water pipe flange connected. Lifting chain to remove the first pay splint, so that the pump pipe down wells and is located in the rig, in turn, repeatedly installed, down well until all installed, the last section of the splint will be fixed on the wellhead pump.

(7) Finally puts on the manhole cover, bends the tube, the gate valve outlet pipe and so on.

(8) Each time the flange should be added rubber pad, to the right after the fastening screws to the diagonal money direction at the same time tighten to prevent the skew leakage.

(9) The cable must be fixed in the water pipe flange groove, each section is fixed with a tie rope, the next well process to be careful, the cable can not be used as hanging rope, not to touch the cable.

(10) Under the pump process is stuck phenomenon, to the idea of overcoming the card point, can not force the pump, so as not to die.

(11) Large wells, such as the installation of pumps strictly prohibited personnel down the well.

(12) Protection switch and starting equipment should be equipped with voltage, ammeter, light, and installed on the distribution panel, placed in the Yintai around the appropriate position.