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Maintenance and preservation of submersible pumps for wells
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. Strive to pump under normal operation.

2. The use of valve regulating flow, lift, not overloaded operation.

3. The electric pump carries on a big overhaul every 2,500 hours.

4. Disassembly of electric pump unit:

Cut off from the connector at the lead and cable. Remove the guard panels and strainer, unscrew the water section and motor connecting seat bolts, unscrew the top of the coupling, and separate the motor from the pump. Take the couplings.

5. Water Pump Disassembly:

In turn, remove the water-cone sleeve (with disassembly and simple tapping)--------------------guide shell------check valve

6. Motor disassembly:

Unscrew the water release screw plug will be put on the net, the motor transverse on the wooden frame, remove the sand-throwing device, twist the joint sitting, in turn, remove the base--thrust bearing--------------------guide bearing seat----

7. Electric Pump Unit assembly:

Clear rust, oil, dirt, motor and pump respectively installed, with the coupling of the motor and pump to connect the top wire, and the water section and the combination of the surface coated with butter, and bolts, and connect the wire with the cable.

8. Motor Equipment Order:

Stator Installation------------------rotor assembly--------------------------------------------- Adjust the bolts to meet the requirements of the motor shaft, then adjust the film and adjust the gland.

9. Pump assembly:

The shaft and the water section are fixed on the locating seat, and the impeller and cone sleeve are fixed on the shaft with disassembly and disassembling, then the reverse shell and impeller are installed. Done this once. Finally, the Guide housing, check valve body and so on.

10. The preservation of the electric pump:

When the electric pump storage, first of the water pump inside the clean water, dry surface, the shaft stretched coated with butter, the cable will be wrapped, storage should be dust-free, non-corrosive substances, room temperature is not less than 0 degrees above 30 degrees.