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Maintenance of submersible pumps for wells
- Jul 25, 2017 -

(1) Well used submersible pump in the use of a trillion-European table to check the electrical insulation resistance, the value of the minimum should not be less than 50mω.

(2) The water immersion motor should open the irrigation plug, fill the clean water and then tighten the screw plug, not to remove the irrigation screw plug directly into the well.

(3) Check the cable before use rupture, break. If the damage should be replaced in time to prevent leakage.

(4) Well submersible pump should be injected into the pump before the water, and then idling for 1-2 minutes, and start two times, check the start and idling is normal, turn whether meet the requirements. If the opposite is reversed, any two-phase wiring can be exchanged. Check if the riser has a crack and the connection is solid.

(5) Well use submersible pump well and hoisting, do not allow hard pull cable, lest cable damage or disconnect, resulting in an accident. Use a wire or card plate to the well and hoist.

(6) The power supply voltage should be controlled within the ±5% range of the rated voltage so that the motor can work normally. If the voltage is too low or too high, the motor cannot continue to be used, lest the motor be damaged in the long run over voltage or under voltage.

(7) The submersible pump in the well should be suspended vertically while diving into water. The depth of water in order to 5 meters under the dynamic water level is advisable.

(8) The actual head of submersible pump for well should be used in 0.8-1.1 times times rated head to improve unit efficiency, save energy and avoid overloading of motor.

(9) The electrical wiring must be connected to ensure that the motor is not running out of phase. Cable must always check for cracks, abrasions and so on, there is timely replacement or repair.