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Structural description of submersible pumps for wells
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. The water pump is centrifugal or mixed flow type, and the bearings are lubricated with hydraulic lubrication, and the coupling is rigid connected with the motor. Pump impeller in the motor driven by the rotation of centrifugal force, so that the liquid energy increase through the pump shell diversion action to carry out water. In the upper end of the pump with the reverse valve body, to prevent the electric pump downtime, due to the backflow of water in the hose damaged working parts. The valve has the outlet hole, may the pipeline the water slowly release, prevents the winter frost crack pipeline. (Note: Low head submersible pump does not have the reverse check valve body)

2. The motor is a closed water-filled wet structure. The stator windings of the motor are made of water resistant (heat-resistant) polyethylene-insulated, nylon sheathed multi-layer structure (heat-resistant) electromagnetic wire. Guide bearings and thrust bearings are used water lubrication material. The interior of the motor is filled with water to cool the motor and lubricate the bearings. The bottom of the motor is equipped with a pressure regulating film to adjust the expansion and contraction pressure of the water in the body caused by the temperature rise of the motor. The upper axle of the motor is fitted with a sand control mechanism to prevent the mud sand in the water from entering the inner body.

3, the pipeline part: to connect the electric pump so that it is hoisted in the wells, the water will be transported to the ground up. Mainly by the short water pipe, water pipe, bending pipe, plywood and other components. The short output tube is the connecting transition part between the water transmission pipe and the electric pump. The bend tube is installed at the wellhead to change the direction of the flow. The splint is the hoisting and fixing of the output pipe during the installation of the electric pump. Introduction:

Deep well brand stainless steel submersible pump to absorb the advantages of the United States, Italy's most advanced electric pumps, combined with the domestic advanced technology and materials developed new high-grade products. The main parts of the unit are made of stainless steel and copper alloy, with high efficiency, energy saving, wear-resisting, rust-proof, no pollution, beautiful appearance and convenient installation and use. Particularly suitable for factories, schools, rural extraction of groundwater, is the geological and hydrological engineering, industrial, civil, irrigation and drainage of the best choice for the ideal equipment.

Equipped with multi-function control cabinet, can be based on water tower, well level automatic shutdown, boot, no need for manual supervision. With the power supply phase, high voltage, low, motor overheating and other failures of the indication and protection and delay control functions, and according to customer requirements to add pressure control, frequency control, timing water supply and automatic irrigation, computer networking control water supply and other functions.