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What are the types and daily maintenance of mine pump?
- Jul 25, 2017 -

The selection of mine water pump is to comprehensively consider the investment and operating cost of pump units and pumping stations and other comprehensive technical and economic indicators in line with the principles of economy, safety and application. Specifically, there are several areas:

1, must meet the requirements of the use of flow and lift, that is, the operation of the pump point (the characteristic curve of the device and the intersection of the pump performance curve) is often maintained in efficient interval operation, so that both the power and not easily damaged parts.

2, the selected water pump should be small size, light weight, low cost, but also have good characteristics and high efficiency.

3. It has good cavitation resistance, so it can not only reduce the excavation depth of the pump room, but also do not cause cavitation in the pumps.

4, according to the selected pumps to build pumping stations, less investment in engineering, low operating costs.

Mine pumps are widely used in daily life, in particular, rural farmers use mineral pumps to water the farmland, of course, there is plenty of time when there will not be such a situation, when the dry season, farmers have to find ways to conserve farmland, this time the mine pump has a very good role.

Mine water pump in the field of use is very wide, also because the pumping power is strong, suitable for long-distance storage, this is introduced into the field of irrigation industry, its quality is light, suitable for long-distance transport and long-distance transport, two of people carry also convenient, but to pay attention to daily use of maintenance.