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Mining Pumps

We have adopted the concept of innovative design to improve the hydraulic design and structural design of the mining pumps. The pump body structure adopts large flow passage and full lift design, and the forced agitation makes the solid-liquid extraction concentration reach over 70%.
The motor adopts various protection measures such as overheat protection and water inlet detection, which makes it more adaptable and improves the long-term safe operation time under severe working conditions. The flow-through components are cast with anti-abrasive high-chromium wear-resistant alloy, which is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance and reliable operation. It is suitable for conveying strong abrasive mortar, mortar, slag, etc. containing solid particles, and the solid-liquid mixing concentration can reach 60%. It is an ideal sand pumping and sand feeding device.
The mining pumps are widely used in water conservancy engineering, electric power, building materials, chemicals, petroleum, mining, shipbuilding, metallurgy, coal, mining, municipal environmental protection and river dredging.
Structural features:
1. The motor sneaked into the water without the need to build complex ground protection and fixtures, which is easy to use and easy to manage.
2. The sealing method of three sets of machine seals is used to ensure that the slurry has no leakage.
3. Reliability design ensures that the average trouble-free working time of the whole machine is greatly improved.
4. Using a variety of speeds and a variety of variants, so that the pump operates under working conditions.
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