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High Pressure Submersible Pump

The pressure flow of these high pressure submersible pumps can be adjusted within a certain range. These pumps are reliably sealed and feature a leak-free seal consisting of a dynamic seal and an auxiliary seal. It replaces the packing seal and mechanical seal of the traditional water pump and completely solves the leakage problem. The pump unit has small vibration, low noise, flexible movement and convenient assembly and disassembly. It has superior self-control function and can be highly automated with the relevant control system.
main feature:
1. The high-pressure submersible pump has a thick and short shape, large flow, high lift, no axial force, and convenient transportation. They are suitable for extracting groundwater from deep mines and mines, and can be used for gold mines, silver mines, iron mines, coal mine rescue, and construction site drainage.
2. Integrated work, low noise during underwater work.
3. There is no special requirement for the well pipe, as long as the water pipe can withstand the corresponding pressure. Used in mines, high-pressure submersible pumps are widely adapted and effective.
4. Installation and maintenance is convenient and simple, and the floor space is small, no need to build a pump room.
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