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Sewage Pump

  • Dividing Mixed-flow Pump

    Dividing Mixed-flow Pump

    Based on the introduction of advanced technology and the joint efforts of our scientific research personnel, this Dividing mixed-flow pump has extensively solicited the opinions of domestic water pump experts and has successfully developed it through many improvements. The...Read More

  • Drainage Station Sewage Pump

    Drainage Station Sewage Pump

    The drainage pump for the submersible sewage pumping station is composed of a pump body, a seal, a submersible motor (dry submersible motor), and water conservancy parts. The motor is located on the upper part of the pump. A mechanical seal is applied between the pump and the...Read More

  • Explosion Proof Sewage Pump

    Explosion Proof Sewage Pump

    Explosion proof sewage pumps are suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, coal processing industries, and urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction sites and...Read More

  • Mining High Pressure Motor Drive Dirty Water Sewage Pump

    Mining High Pressure Motor Drive Dirty Water Sewage Pump

    Designed and oriented to low power below 75, A Series sewage pumps have theadvantages of compact design, easy movement and convenient use. The unique design of multi-channel, open type and semi-open type impeller realizes high overflowing capacity and super strong performance...Read More

  • 3 inch water pump

    3 inch water pump

    Flame-proof submersible sewage pump Rated flow of the electric pump(m3/h):2000 Rated head of the electric pump(m):30 Matching power(Kw):315N Sewage Pump B Series, Products for extra large flow and middle and low head,your first choice for high-duty sewage pump. Special open...Read More