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Analysis Of Leakage Of Pump Mechanical Seal
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1, the installation of static test leakage. After the installation and commissioning of mechanical seals, the general need for static test, observation of leakage. If the leakage quantity is small, many is the dynamic ring or the static ring seal circle existence question, the leakage quantity is large, then indicated that the dynamic, the static ring friction pair exists the question. On the basis of the initial observation of leakage and the judgment of the leakage position, the problem of static and dynamic ring seals can be observed if there is no significant change in the leakage quantity. There are problems in the static ring friction pairs, such as leakage medium along the axial injection, there are problems in the dynamic ring sealing ring, the leakage medium is sprayed around or leaking from the water cooling hole, then the static ring sealing ring is mostly ineffective. In addition, leakage channels can also exist at the same time, but the general difference between primary and secondary, as long as the observation of meticulous, familiar with the structure, must be able to correctly judge.

2, the normal operation of sudden leakage. Centrifugal pump In the operation of sudden leakage of a few because of normal wear or has reached the service life, but most of the change in the working condition is larger or improper operation, maintenance caused.

1 time, cavitation or prolonged pressure, resulting in sealing damage;

2 The actual output of the pump is small, a large number of medium circulation, heat accumulation, resulting in medium gasification, resulting in sealing failure;

3) for a longer time outage, restart when there is no manual car, friction by adhesion and pull bad cover;

4) Back to the flow of large, resulting in the suction tube side of the container (tower, kettle, tank, pool) at the bottom of the sediments, damage seal;

5 The corrosive, polymerization and adhesive substances increase in the medium;

6. Frequent changes or adjustments in working conditions;

3. The leakage occurred during commissioning. Pump mechanical seals after static test, the operation of high-speed rotation produced by centrifugal force, will inhibit the leakage of media. Therefore, the mechanical seal leakage in the commissioning of the shaft and end cover seal failure, basically due to dynamic, static ring friction caused by damage. The main factors causing the failure of the friction pair seal are:

(l) in operation, due to time, cavitation, pressure and other abnormal phenomena, causing a larger axial force, the dynamic, static ring contact surface separation;

(2) The dynamic ring seal ring is too tight, the spring cannot adjust the axial floating of the dynamic ring;

(3) The installation of mechanical seals when the amount of excessive compression, resulting in friction side of the end of serious wear, abrasions;

(4) The working medium has granular material, running in the friction pair, flaw detection dynamic, static ring sealing end;

(5) Static ring seal ring is too loose, when the dynamic ring axial floating, the static ring out of the static ring seat;

(6) The design selection is wrong, the sealing end surface is lower than the pressure or the sealing material is more cold-shrinkable. These phenomena often appear in commissioning, and can sometimes be eliminated by appropriate adjustment of the static ring, but most need to be disassembled and replaced.