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Chemical Pump Installation Precautions
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Chemical pump installation steps are as follows:

  1. According to the basic size of the concrete foundation, the foot bolts of the chemical pump should be buried.

  2. Chemical pumps and motors should be inspected before installation. Each part should be intact and there should be no debris in the chemical pump.

  3. Put the chemical pump on the whole foundation, put the damping block between the base plate and the foundation, and adjust the damping block to find the level of the chemical pump. After alignment, tighten the anchor bolts.

  4. Chemical pump inlet and outlet piping should have brackets, and chemical pumps should not be used to support the force. The inlet and outlet pipeline caliber should be consistent with the chemical pump inlet and outlet caliber.

  5. When the self-priming chemical pump is installed, it must first be connected to the inlet pipe, then filled with liquid and then connected to the outlet pipe to correct the steering.

  6. After the chemical pump installation is completed, the coupling is finally turned by hand to check whether there is scraping phenomenon. When the rotation is easy and uniform, the installation is completed.

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