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How To Grab The Quality Of Mine Pump In China
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1, mining pump mechanical seals:

Import pump in the northern winter after heating, the second year of heating boot can continue to use, and the domestic mine pump half because of the mine pump seal leakage, but also to replace the mine pump seal can be used. The replacement of the mine pump mechanical seals, because of rubber torn and leaking.

Solution: Mechanical seal manufacturers should improve the quality of rubber, add mineral pump seal rubber thickness, rubber toughness.

2. Bearing:

A lot of 24 hours of work of mine pump fault, noise, and then to repair, is to replace the mine pump bearings.

Solution: Mining pump manufacturers can be with the bearing manufacturers to establish direct procurement network, so as to avoid procurement of fake substandard. Bearing manufacturers and the relevant State departments should join hands to add anti-counterfeiting efforts.

3. Motor:

Mining pump motor steal power, has been an indisputable reality, fire-fighting motor, let alone. A lot of mining pump debugging device when the discovery of the super Current, the motor is hot, the view is not the mine pump head too high selection is wrong, and finally returned to the factory, replace the motor good.

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