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Introduction Of Mine Pump Products
- Jul 25, 2017 -

QKSG Series submersible pump consists of water-filled submersible motor and multi-stage centrifugal pump, which is installed in the suction hood to dive into the water. This kind of submersible pump has the advantages of convenient maintenance, safe and reliable operation, stable performance, low vibration noise and high efficiency, which improves the ventilation and cooling condition of the pump room compared with the traditional centrifugal pump and deep pump. Favorable environmental protection, low operating costs, can be implemented automatic control, the water level is large and there is a threat of flooding there is a unique advantage, because the motor is full of water, in any case will not produce spark ignition gas, the mine is a general safety equipment. For coal, metallurgy, electricity, urban construction, water and groundwater development departments to provide a new type of drainage, water extraction equipment.

The QKSG type submersible pump has two suction ports, the two sets of impeller back to back to the distribution, in fact is two multi-stage pump parallel connection, each has its suction nozzle (one in the upper, one in the lower part). Due to the equal and opposite direction of the two sets of impellers, the water thrust is the opposite direction, and the total axial water thrust is zero theoretically.

QKSG-D Type submersible pump has only one suction nozzle, the two groups of impeller is back to back to the distribution. When the pump head need impeller Total series is even, each group of impeller number is equal, direction opposite, axial water thrust is also zero. When the pump head need impeller series for odd, then the pump impeller more than A levels, at this time the bottom of the pump impeller is designed to have a balanced hole balance impeller. The balance of the impeller produced by the water thrust is basically eliminated. So the two groups of impellers that produce axial water thrust are still equal in number and opposite in direction, and the total axial force is basically zero.