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Mine Submersible Pump Motor Repair 10 Major Precautions
- Jul 25, 2017 -

First, the relevant personnel of the repair Unit should be aware of the relevant national regulations, explosion-proof standards and the relevant provisions on qualified products.

The repair unit shall have the technical equipment for repairing the explosion-proof motor and the necessary inspection and test equipment.

Third, before the overhaul, should have the necessary technical information.

Four, the motor repair completed before commissioning, should check the cable introduction, relay protection and wiring system to ensure that its intact and still comply with the explosion-proof provisions.

Five, for those engaged in explosion-proof motor maintenance personnel should carry out the necessary training.

Six, after the inspection, acceptance after repair of the inspection project, by the explosion-proof Inspection Unit authorized or approved, can be carried out in the repair unit; the explosion-proof Inspection Unit considers that the necessary items are still inspected by the explosion Proof Inspection Unit.

VII. The following documents shall be provided to the use department by the repaired explosion-proof motor:

1) Failure inspection;

2 Description of the maintenance work;

3 replacement and repair of the parts directory;

4) inspection and test results;

5) Repair certificate.

VIII. Piano parts not allowed to be repaired

1. Parts made of glass, plastic or other materials of unstable size;

2 fasteners;

3 the manufacturer or the explosion-proof procedure considers the parts which cannot be repaired, such as the pouring seal assembly.

Nine, after the repair of the logo does not affect the explosion-proof performance of the repair, after the overhaul does not add repair signs.

Ten, after repair of the explosion-proof certificate of the motor repaired by the repair unit of the inspection Department issued a certificate of repair. The certificate shall include, at a minimum, the name, model, specification, explosion-proof sign of the motor, the name of the repair unit and the number of the recognized certificate, the certificate of Explosion proof, the date of repair, etc.