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Present Situation And Development Prospect Of Water Pump Industry In China
- Jul 25, 2017 -

During 25, the investment scale of China's Water Conservancy planning is 462.8 billion yuan, among which, the investment ratio of key water conservancy projects is more than 50%. And since 2004, the pump industry has maintained an annual growth rate of around 20%. Pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry, market demand by the national macro policy, especially by Water Conservancy, construction, energy and other industries, macro-policy impact is great.

With the continuous progress of technology, pump products will be in the direction of intelligent development, to be able to pressure, flow, temperature and vibration parameters such as monitoring, can be the pump shaft, bearing and seal status evaluation, can be the cause of the fault diagnosis.

The technology development of the magnetic pump and diaphragm pump industry will focus on the design of electronic adjustment system, the improvement of the driving device and the search for new materials.

According to the forward-looking Industry research Institute released the "2014-2018 China agricultural Pump industry market demand and investment planning Analysis Report" Analysis: In the next three years there are nearly 40 billion market demand, the market prospects are good. In the near future, our country pump valve backbone enterprise must be able to catch up with and surpass foreign similar enterprise, make contribution for national important technical equipment, occupy a certain share in the world pump valve market competition, and become the world power of pump valve manufacturing.