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The Characteristics Of Submersible Pump For Well Use
- Jul 25, 2017 -

(1). Single-stage head height. The single pump shell is highly low. It shortens the height of the machine and increases the stability of the operation.

(2). The diameter of the pump shaft is much larger than that of the GB. The safety factor is increased to extract the groundwater source of super deep well.

(3) The casting adopts HT200 (ordinary castings under HT150) Super deep pump shell adopts ductile iron. or cast steel. To improve the pressure coefficient of the pump shell.

(4). The reverse valve adopts a unique design method. The ultra deep well submersible pump is fundamentally avoided. Because of stopping the pump, the water hammer impact is too large, resulting in the failure of the valve body fracture unit.

(5) A small axial force increases the service life of the motor.