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The Method Of Improving Water Absorption Reliability Of Water Pump
- Jul 25, 2017 -

The first way is to install the suction valve at the end of the suction pipe of the pump. The suction bottom valve is actually a check valve which ensures that the water flow can only be sucked into the water by the sink and cannot be turned back so if the suction pipe is filled with water, although the pump axis elevation is higher than the pool's working water level, but because there is suction underwater valve role, suction pipe water will not flow into the pool, so that the suction tube has been filled with water, to ensure that the pump can be automatically and quickly start. The reliability of this water absorption method is affected by the quality of the underwater valve, for example, the closure is not strict, leakage, water suction tube will slowly flow people pool, the time is long, the suction tube is not water, causing the pump to start still need manual irrigation.

The following water absorption method can be used to make up for this shortcoming.

The second way is to use other sources to replenish water. It is based on the first form of water absorption, install a pipe in front of the check valve of the pump outlet pipe and connect the pipe to the outside municipal water supply pipe or other external water source, feed water into the pump suction pipe, replenish the drain of the bottom valve, and fill the water in the suction pipe. The reliability of this water absorption method is affected by the outdoor water source, in the case of long time water supply of water outside, the water in the suction tube has the possibility of leaking air, so the pump starts with manual irrigation.

The third way is to improve the second water absorption method, using the roof water tank to water pump suction pipe recharge. This method is not affected by the water supply of outdoor sources, high reliability, suitable for buildings with roof water tanks, and for buildings without roof tanks, a small water tank can be set up in the pump room to replenish water in a water pump suction pipe.