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Venntilation Diving Pump Conditions Of Use
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1. Power Requirements:

(1) Rated power supply voltage 380v±5% frequency is 50hz±1%, motor terminal rated voltage should be guaranteed within the allowable deviation range of rated voltage.

(2). The load power of the transformer should not exceed 75% of its capacity

(3). The transformer is far from the wellhead, should consider the transmission line of line pressure, for the power greater than 45KW of the motor, require the transformer to the wellhead distance of not more than 20 meters. More than 20 meters, the requirements of the transmission line specifications than the matching cable large two grades, and consider the lines of

2. Equipment protection.

The control equipment of the pump must have. Short circuit, missing phase, over-current, overload protection, and ensure that the setting value is adjusted to run stably during installation. This step is very important. Please install the debugger carefully and be responsible for the adjustment.

3. Water Quality requirements:

(1) Generally non-corrosive water.

(2) The sediment content in water is not greater than 0.01%.

(3) Ph value is within 6.5-8.5 range.

(4) Chlorine content in water is not 400mg/l.

(5) Hydrogen sulfide content is not less than 1.5mg/l

(6) Water temperature is not higher than 20 ℃.

(7) The motor cavity must be filled with distilled water (or clean Shimizu)

(8) The pump's head impeller at least intrusion into the water level of 3 meters. The electric pump unit shall not be more than 70 meters below the static water level. The bottom of the motor is not less than 5 meters from the well.

4. Wellbore Requirements:

Upright, smooth, no protruding or well pipe dislocation phenomenon, well inside diameter is not less than the corresponding machine seat.

5 Use form requirements:

Vertical use. (If you need to use the bedroom or other forms of usage please inform the manufacturer of the fountain pump in advance. NOTE: Fountain pump for horizontal use.)