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  • Explosion-proof Sand Pump

    Explosion-proof Sand Pump

    The explosion-proof sand pump is equipped with various explosion-proof motors, which can be used in environments where it is necessary to extract and clean media containing mud, sediment and slurry. Its pump casing, impeller and guard plate are made of wear-resistant alloy,...Read More

  • Explosion Proof Sewage Pump

    Explosion Proof Sewage Pump

    Explosion proof sewage pumps are suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, coal processing industries, and urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction sites and...Read More

  • Simple Axial Flow Pump

    Simple Axial Flow Pump

    Simple axial flow pumps are mainly used in urban drainage projects and flood control projects. It has stable performance and durability. It is the first choice for temporary drainage and fixed pumping station. The product has simple structure, low failure rate, long service...Read More

  • Corrosion Resistant Sump Pumps

    Corrosion Resistant Sump Pumps

    The corrosion resistant sump pumps use a machine pump coaxial. It is a hydraulic machine that can work in the medium. The device has advanced structure, wide over-current passage and strong passing ability.Read More

  • Multifunctional Vertical Sand Pump

    Multifunctional Vertical Sand Pump

    Product Features Structures include: check valve, outlet box, upper bearing seat, motor, lower bearing seat, mechanical seal chamber, water inlet section, impeller, guide vane, inducer, induction shell, self-suction water supply room, overflow return pipe, water absorption...Read More

  • Large Flow Sewage Pump

    Large Flow Sewage Pump

    Structural features: 1, a unique cable seal design, ruled out the hidden dangers of cable leakage. 2, the pump and motor oil chamber at the top with oil-water probe, the pump side of the implementation of mechanical seal monitoring, once the water leakage, the control system...Read More

  • Multi-stage Row Of Sand Pump

    Multi-stage Row Of Sand Pump

    Flameproof submersible sand pump motor for the three-phase AC flameproof dry squirrel-cage induction motor stator windings using polyester enameled wire, the motor life greatly improved. Mine explosion-proof submersible sand pump is particularly suitable for underground coal...Read More

  • Impeller Water Pump

    Impeller Water Pump

    product description 1, selected high-quality materials made of refined processing technology 2, the use of high-quality materials, wear-resistant seal, can effectively extend the service life of mechanical seals 3, the appearance of compact appearance, small footprint, low...Read More

  • Well wind driven submersible pumps

    Well wind driven submersible pumps

    FQW type air turbine breaks through old design concepts,applying new type sub-mersible pump powered by turbine drive and compressed air to overcome the disadvantages of large noise,high wind consumption and low efficiency of old air pumps.The product is widely applicable to...Read More

  • Stainless Submersible Pump

    Stainless Submersible Pump

    Use range The use of a wide range, it can be used in a variety of industries, such as: oil, chemicals, food processing, mineral source collection and other industries, of course, in addition to the use of these industries, it is also a lot of construction works The use of the...Read More

  • High Pressure Submersible Clean Water Pump

    High Pressure Submersible Clean Water Pump

    Description Xingyuan Group has successfully developed and sold large, heavy-duty, high-pressure, mining and increased-type submersible pumps with energy-efficient and efficient hydraulic models and reliable and durable structural design. Mechatronics, reasonable structure,...Read More

  • High Pressure Electric Water Pump

    High Pressure Electric Water Pump

    Xingyuan Group applies energy saving and high efficiency hydraulic model and reliable and durable structure design, and successfully develops and sells large scale, heavy load, high pressure,and mining increased-safety submersible electric pump. Mechanical& electrical...Read More