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  • Stainless Steel Mixed Flow Pump

    Stainless Steel Mixed Flow Pump

    Overview This product are single-stage,vertical axial flow pump,with the liquid flowing in axial direction.The pumps are used to tranfer clean water or other liquid with similar physical and chemical properties to those of water. The highest temperature of the transferred...Read More

  • Submersible Tubular Pumps

    Submersible Tubular Pumps

    Tubular Pump For Agriculture Irrigation,it is a newly designed high-efficiency pump with all our pump-manufacturing echnology in decades. Mature,reliable,high-efficiency is the feature of this pump. It is widely used for water supply&drainage in...Read More

  • Bidirectional All Through Flow Submersible Electric Tubular Pump

    Bidirectional All Through Flow Submersible Electric Tubular Pump

    General Description These motors are of high efficiency, high starting torque, quiet-running, low vibration and low temperature rise, and can sustain heavy axial thrust load etc. Operation Conditions Duty Cycle: Continuous (S1) Ambient temperature: Not over 40°C Altitude: Not...Read More

  • Submersible Electric Tubular Pump

    Submersible Electric Tubular Pump

    Description The electric pump, that is, the electric drive pump, is composed of a pump body, a water pipe, a pump base, a submersible motor (including a cable), and a starter protection device. The pump body is the working part of the submersible pump. It consists of inlet...Read More

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