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  • Corrosion Resistant Sump Pumps

    Corrosion Resistant Sump Pumps

    The corrosion resistant sump pumps use a machine pump coaxial. It is a hydraulic machine that can work in the medium. The device has advanced structure, wide over-current passage and strong passing ability.Read More

  • Simple Axial Flow Pump

    Simple Axial Flow Pump

    Simple axial flow pumps are mainly used in urban drainage projects and flood control projects. It has stable performance and durability. It is the first choice for temporary drainage and fixed pumping station. The product has simple structure, low failure rate, long service...Read More

  • Explosion Proof Sewage Pump

    Explosion Proof Sewage Pump

    Explosion proof sewage pumps are suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, coal processing industries, and urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction sites and...Read More

  • Explosion-proof Sand Pump

    Explosion-proof Sand Pump

    The explosion-proof sand pump is equipped with various explosion-proof motors, which can be used in environments where it is necessary to extract and clean media containing mud, sediment and slurry. Its pump casing, impeller and guard plate are made of wear-resistant alloy,...Read More

  • Drainage Station Sewage Pump

    Drainage Station Sewage Pump

    The drainage pump for the submersible sewage pumping station is composed of a pump body, a seal, a submersible motor (dry submersible motor), and water conservancy parts. The motor is located on the upper part of the pump. A mechanical seal is applied between the pump and the...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Sand Pump

    Stainless Steel Sand Pump

    This kind of stainless steel sand pump is a new generation of pump products developed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and combining the characteristics of domestic water pumps. It features remarkable energy saving, anti-winding, no clogging, easy...Read More

  • Small Submersible Water Pump

    Small Submersible Water Pump

    The small submersible water pumps are generally not very large, and there are also known as micro submersible pumps, which place the pump directly in the water. The submersible pump has only one drain.Read More

  • Submersible Water Pumps For Wells

    Submersible Water Pumps For Wells

    The Submersible Water Pumps For Wells unit consists of four parts: water pump, submersible motor (including cable), water pipe and control switch. The submersible pump is a single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump: the submersible motor is a closed water-filled...Read More

  • Submersible Axial Flow Pump

    Submersible Axial Flow Pump

    The Submersible Axial Flow Pump provided by the company is a new generation of the traditional water pump-motor unit. The motor that drives the pump is a dry, fully enclosed submersible motor. This type of submersible pump can be immersed in water for a long time, which has...Read More

  • Air Driven Diaphragm Pump

    Air Driven Diaphragm Pump

    Pneumatic pumps are reliable and low cost in pneumatic and flammable environments, such as the delivery of fuel, gunpowder and explosives. Because it is impossible to generate sparks after grounding, and it generates no heat during operation, so the machine will not overheat.Read More

  • Dividing Mixed-flow Pump

    Dividing Mixed-flow Pump

    Based on the introduction of advanced technology and the joint efforts of our scientific research personnel, this Dividing mixed-flow pump has extensively solicited the opinions of domestic water pump experts and has successfully developed it through many improvements. The...Read More

  • Explosion Proof Air Pump

    Explosion Proof Air Pump

    The Explosion proof air pump can pump both flowing liquid and some non-flowable medium. It has many advantages of self-priming pump, submersible pump, shield pump, mud pump and impurity pump.Read More

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