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Pump Accessories

Our pump accessories include the impeller of the pump. The shape and size of the pump impeller are closely related to the performance of the pump. The pump impeller can be generally divided into single suction type and double suction type! The single suction type impeller is single side water absorption, and the small flow water pump impeller is mostly of this type. The double suction impeller absorbs water on both sides, and the large flow pump impeller adopts double suction impeller.
Impellers come in many forms and each has different characteristics. The flow path impeller has excellent anti-blocking properties. The semi-open and open impellers in the vane impeller are easy to cast and easy to maintain and clean up the clogging impurities during transportation. The pump of the spiral centrifugal impeller is suitable for pumping a medium containing large particles and long fibers.
The blades of a centrifugal pump-type water pump impeller are generally curved blades. The blade has two kinds of cylindrical and twisted shapes. The application of the twisted blade can reduce the load of the blade, and can improve the suction performance of the centrifugal pump and improve the cavitation resistance, but it is difficult to manufacture and has a high cost.
The impeller is a one-piece pump impeller for casting or full weld welding. The geometric accuracy and surface finish of the welding pump impeller are better than the casting impeller, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump.
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