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Submersible Pumps for Wells

The submersible pumps for wells are important equipments for pumping water from deep wells. When used, the whole unit is submerged into the water to extract groundwater to the surface.
This product is an important water-lifting equipment for geothermal development and utilization projects. It is heat-resistant, anti-corrosive and anti-aging. It has a temperature of 120 °C and passed the national ministerial appraisal. The submersible motor housing is made of stainless steel and tin bronze.
The submersible pumps for wells have the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, convenient installation, maintenance, safe and reliable transportation, and energy conservation.
(1). Single-stage lift is high. The single-stage pump casing has a short height, so shortening the height of the whole machine increases the stability of operation.
(2). The diameter of the pump shaft is much larger than the diameter of the national standard. It increases the safety factor for the extraction of groundwater from deep wells.
(3) The casting is made of HT200, the well pump casing is made of ductile iron or cast steel to increase the bearing capacity of the pump casing.
(4). The check valve adopts a unique design method, which fundamentally avoids the disadvantages of the deep-sea submersible pump falling out due to the excessive impact force of the return water hammer when the pump is stopped.
(5) The small axial force increases the service life of the motor.
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